the kids in america (wuhoh!)

the other day i had a news story sent to me that really touched my heart…

…at first.

it was a story about a bi-racial couple getting in a fight at a blockbuster around denver. i’ve been to denver. i like denver. and to read about a couple fighting in a blockbuster would not have been good, save for the reason:

their child’s future

turns out the mom (african-american) and the dad (latino) had disagreements on how their four year old should be raised, and the argument turned so emotional it erupted in violence.

this moved me.

in this day and age, where i had just recently gone off on how it sucked i would never be a husband or father, while so many people who DON’T know how to treat a woman worth a shit and suck balls at raising kids get to do both, and how it wasn’t fair, and how the kharmic balance of all that confused me, it’s nice to see parents so passionate about their child’s upbringing…

…until i kept reading.

once i kept reading i realized that it was actually about them fighting about their four year olds GANG AFFILIATION!!!

what the fuck?

turns out the guy is a westside baller, his baby mama a crip, and they have issues as to which “set” their four year old kid should claim. these two are in rival gangs? i thought they didn’t speak to one another…how did they meet? was their a mixer? did they hook up on the dating forum at

(by the way, don’t check that site out at work – it’s NOT what i imply in this bit)

you have to be fucking kidding me.

THAT’S what the argument was about? what color the osh kosh b’gosh should be to show gang loyalty? tell me this doesn’t quintuply prove my point about the unbalance in the universe that this guy (pointing at myself as i say that) doesn’t get to carry on the family name, and that loser does?

sad world we live in…

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