the hunt for the lil’ leopard

this one has me stumped…

…and that don’t happen often.

one of the giddy thrills of living alone is that when you put shit down it stays where you left it. okay, that’s not 100% true – i DO have dogs, and with the new puppy i’m guaranteed that if i leave a sock down, it will wander elsewhere (to the late lucky dude’s defense, he would always leave it where it was). if i leave food on the floor it would disappear – but what kind of civilized individual leaves food on the floor? most things, by and large, don’t move.

they also don’t disappear – which leads us to this week’s mystery.

i washed my sheets i BELIEVE on monday. it might have been sunday. i know sunday morning’ the lil’ dude had a lil’ accident on the opposite side of the bed from where i sleep, and since it was very small, immediately hit with a paper towel and such, and polar opposite from where my face was, i might have waited till monday. the reason i’m not sure is i didn’t get squat for sleep this weekend so i dosed up on guinness and tylenol pm and slept REALLY well…

…but monday was five dollar mexican martini monday at trudy’s , so that might be when it happened as well.

in either case, i remember starting the load of laundry later in the evening than usual and having a hard time staying awake for it to finish drying so i could slap the sheets down before i went to bed. and i apparently just did the top sheet and the pillow on my side of the bed, the rest getting wadded up as a back pillow the other day when weather was crappy and i just stayed in bed all day and watched tv.

(“crappy” that day was “hot” – not to be confused with all the hurricane crap we’ve had sense, which was far MORE crappy)

so last night i went to make up the bed (we single guys usually only do that when company’s a’coming, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself) and when i unwadded my “back pillow” from the other day i found the top sheet – but no pillow case. i searched the dryer, the laundry room, the underside of the bed (lil’ dude’s gotten into playing down there and i could see him dragging it into the abyss), even the backyard…and nada. nowhere to be seen in the house, either. i understand losing a sock – but a frickin’ full sized pillow case? how the fuck did i pull THIS one off?

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  • sinderella Sep 15, 2010 @ 14:40

    I did tell you where it was right?