the kkk in a galaxy far, far away?

so picture this…

…you’re an elected official reviewing some random budgetary shit and it seems like money is just being sucked into an office never to be seen again. all the fundage seems to go there lately with little to no effect, so you refer to it in the terms of a certain astrological phenomenon.

BAM! now you’re a racist.

i wish i was making this shit up, but i’m not.

when a dallas city council man referred to an office as a “black hole”, the black county commissioner took offense. in the interview he drops this nugget of wisdom:

“So if it’s ‘angel food cake,’ it’s white. If it’s ‘devil’s food cake,’ it’s black. If you’re the ‘black sheep of the family,’ then you gotta be bad, you know. ‘White sheep,’ you’re okay. You know?

i don’t know when the next dfw election is, but whenever it is, if you life in the metroplex, vote for anyone BUT this guy…