all about the benjamins

we got some money going on here…

…and it’s serious cash.

shane claims he’s a terminal bachelor. by choice. it’s what he is, it’s what he does. i have no problem agreeing with him on this, although i do think he’d make a cool dad.

but never mind that now.

i see myself as a member of the terminal bachelor club, too. not by choice – just clearly the way it is. seeing as how i’m “borderline chubby” and “damaged goods” (quoting a female friend who’s talked to me a lot there) i figure i’m a member, just not a voluntary member.

but a member none the less…

shane sees this as temporary. i don’t. and in my slightly intoxicated state, we just made it official – i just bet this drunken fuck ONE THOUSAND BUCKS that i won’t be married and a dad by the age of fifty. he sees this as easy money. i’m thirty-six, been THRICE engaged, and have yet to find that woman who walks the fine line of smart enough to keep my interest, yet stupid enough to actually marry me…plenty who meet the first category (a couple of which i speak to daily) – but they don’t fit that second category.

place your bets…side wagers are welcome. shane will set the odds on this one…

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