lucky pot at ken’s

people need to start listening to me. not you people…you people read my stuff. you rock. i meant OTHER people. like at work, for example. today i did something kinda cocky; i went down to sa to fix some outlets that i thought both could have fixed themselves if only they’d listened to what i told our outlet support staff to say. BUT they didn’t, and INSISTED someone had to come out. so this morning, i drove to san antonio…

i took no tools…
or equipment…
or cables…
or cd software.

nope. i just took me. and gas money. and cash for brisket. and of course, the mobile phone. oh yeah…AND the car ’cause that’s one suck-ass walk. and i went to each outlet, and fixed them. average time in each?

four minutes…that’s right, FOUR minutes. and at the second one it was mainly so i could flirt with the cute lil’ latina behind the counter. that upped the average. but these things happen. then some (too) brief leslie time at starbuck’s and off to rudy’s and the office. which wasn’t as bad as being at the office yesterday; because yesterday was all about the pot luck at the office, which did not work well for the diet. but i DID kinda cheat on the “eat at ken’s” diet with both carrot cake AND frito pie.

or as i called it, 4×4 frito pie. ’cause i used four cups of cheese, and four different kinds of cheese. why? ’cause fritos and chili have carbs, and cheese DOESN’T. and while i used canned chili (which made it a dish i could put together in under five minutes) it was more out of necessity than anything else. not economic…or even the time thing. it was a chili thing.

few things are more sacred in texas than chili and bar-b-que (one major exception being high school football). and i had a plan. i was gonna make chili, with this mix i had at home, with ground brisket. but no bar-b-que place was on the agenda to get it hooked up, and the heb deli wouldn’t grind brisket ’cause they only handle the raw meat and i didn’t have time to get raw brisket and deal with it. likewise, i couldn’t find the chili mix i had at home, so i figured i’d just grab chili mix from the store.

but there IS no chili mix at the store. it doesn’t exist. and you know why? ’cause we’re too damn proud to show our chili recipes to ANYONE, let alone put it in mix form. so, i searched in vain in three different grocery stores and found NO chili mix. seventy-five kinds of fajita seasoning, but no chili stuff. canned it was, and considering i came back an hour later to see various amounts of leftovers in the other dishes (i had figured i’d be having lunch from mine today) but i found one of our phone room guys scraping the last of mine out with a fork, so i guess it went over well. as far as the diet was concerned, even WITH the “cheating” i still dropped two pounds from yesterday to today…so, we’ll see how long it takes to reach my birthday goal. maybe i can do it before june even hits…

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Nancy always has chili stuff layin around at Sunny Dancin.

Teeth said @ 05/10/2003 12:08 PM CST

the hell you mean “but there IS no chili mix at the store”? what, has HEB stopped carrying the 5-alarm chili mix? or the McCormick’s chili mix (found in the gravy and sauces aisle)?

topenga said @ 05/09/2003 10:54 AM CST

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