rumours of my death are slightly exagerated

genetics are a motherfucker sometimes…

…it got me my motherfucking charm (thanks mom AND dad), my fair complexion (mom), my irish name and alchohol tolerance (dad) and, sadly, bad teeth (think that was both of them as well).

it’s the last one that makes life suck right now.

on top of the whole money/jobless bullshit problem i’ve got going, monday’s toothache (which was pretty bad) became tuesday’s slightly puffy face (tina saw it, harold didn’t) and has now apparently morphed into (according to a dentist i saw on friday) an absess or two (or several) and the facial swelling is a sign that said crumbled molar(s) gotta go. with no money or insurance this might suck, and while (despite shane’s jokes to the contrary) i don’t look like the elephant man (ask ME – she’s the only one to see me outside of the dental office) i’m taking the weekend on penicillin and extra strength vicodin to try and heal. monday i get to call around and see who can knock me out and yank apart my face.

i’ll keep y’all updated on this (and all the other pain points of my existence) intermittently, swapping in some entertaining bits so this isn’t a total killjoy…cool?

side note – did you catch kramer’s tv appearance on wife swap? how the hell did they never mention his name at ALL?

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  • transamdan Apr 30, 2009 @ 21:15

    Who says u need to go to a professional to remove teeth? I believe tom hanks in castaway gave us a very effective demonstration on how to do it yourself dentistry! See now u can relax a little!

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