who can i be now?

anybody else read the title and think of a men at work song?

damn, i have great writers!

so, as part of my motivation for skipping voodoo music fest (sniff) you may recall i had a halloween thang to attend. but i find myself lacking in costumal motivation. last year i was ali g, the hip-hop sasha baron cohen character from “da ali g show”, the show that also inspired “borat” as he’s a character on the show, too. it had been suggested that i go as borat, to keep the theme going, and it was half-way tempting until i brought it up to alex and she mentioned you could actually get a borat costume at the mall.

that killed it.

don’t get me wrong – they make an ali g costume as well…but it’s typically only available in the u.k., as that character wasn’t as popular stateside (although my costume did go over really well last year)

so this year i wasn’t sure. for a split second i just wasn’t going to bother – i like dressing up, and lord knows the way my life is going i could stand to be someone else for a night (or longer) but i’ve never been a fan of dropping $50 on some costume worth about $5 so you can go out and party. it’s one thing if you end up with a quality one, but those are usually hella expensive and i’m not that dedicated to the concept.

but my friend that’s supposed to be going with me (after tonight i’m wondering if she’s still interested) is really into her costume which for all descriptions should look astoundingly cute on her…so i can’t go sans-costume.

the party is “thriller” themed (as in the michael jackson video) and so i was gonna whip out a black “beat it” jacket (i used to have one and have a feeling it may be lurking in some box in my attic, HOPEFULLY not destroyed) and wear some black pleather pants to match and say i was michael jackson in modern day (all i’d have to find is the glove – at this point he’s whiter than me, right?) but just in case the jacket doesn’t work, i have a plan “b”..

**NOTE: i guess there was a pic in the original bit here, but i don’t have a fucking clue what it was**

…and ME approved it earlier. so, if i can’t be the fat, white mike there is another option…we’ll see how it goes over.

anyone else with any clever ideas for plans “c” & “d”? i’ll save plan “e” for ME – for obvious reasons.

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