“well, fuck me, too”

first off, y’all don’t mind if i do everything in my power to getting back to doing this on a daily basis, do you? i’m having to do the cyber equivalent of couch surfing to do so, but one must do what one must do, right?

so, i got home yesterday morning after getting up at the ass-crack of dawn for some failed morning radio excursions (don’t ask) only to find that my INSIDE a/c unit was working, but the outside one WASN’T. giving some odd shit that had gone down the last time i had a/c trouble (the last time it froze up i turned the system to off and the fan to auto, went to a friends to crash, and got home to discover that the fan was going full steam and the only way i could get it to chill (pardon the pun) so i could work on it was to trip the breaker) it was theorized that my thermostat (which was the same one the house came with when my family moved in in september…of 1978) was the culprit, so last night after an evening of guerrilla radio (again, don’t ask) and champagne i went home and swapped out my thermostat.

i had heard of several people doing this themselves, most of which we can say are “vocationally challenged”. i figured if THEY could do it, i could do it.

i was right. only took ten minutes. but it didn’t fix the problem…

i’m now at my buddy lance’s place. he, his wife, and half of his kiddie tribe are at wal-mart. i’ve just noticed it’s raining, and i’m wondering if that’s gonna hinder the a/c repair folk that are supposed to be coming to my place between 4:30 and 5:00. seeing as how it’s 4:22, i should probably have them call me when they hit town since all the people from LOCKHART a/c repair are down in SEGUIN today, huh?

now post phone call to a/c guy

just another moment in my unemployed lifestyle, i suppose. prior to typing all this up i was using the link (thanks, greg) i had been sent to actually file for unemployment. better safe than sorry, ya know. but at the end of the process, it says that in order to collect you have to go to another site and apply for work. fair enough. gas, grass, or ass…no one rides for free, right? but after going all the way through the damn site, i get to the bottom of the application where you have to select “skills”. you have to put AT LEAST ONE in order for you application to take. and you can’t just TYPE it in. no, no, no…that would make SENSE. you have to use the “Select A Skill” button, and go from there. the problem is, whoever set this damn thing up apparently didn’t have the WEBLINK skill on their application, because the button doesn’t work.

the true definition of insanity, as i have been told, is to repeat the same action under the same circumstances expecting varying results. how many of us end up on a website and try again and again to make this work? i know i’m guilty of it this time…and to no avail.

most of us do the whole “later, rinse, repeat” thing anyway…but instead of calling it “insanity” we call it “dating”.

guess i’ll go back and try again. i have ten minutes before i need to head out to meet my a/c guy and hopefully have a climate controlled dwelling again. where the money for the repairs comes from, i’m not quite sure…but so goes my life these days, right?

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