let there be light my ass!

and no, the title isn’t a reference to that trick where you light your farts…

…although i’ve never seen it in person, i’ve gotten kick-ass reviews on that! never mind that now…no, the title actually ruins the following question – what’s wrong with this picture?

and DON’T say the hairline or the shape of the bartender – that’s TRIX – the most gifted bartender in all of williamson OR travis county, so show respect – he is a booze-laden icon!

ahem – moving on.

no, what’s wrong with this picture is all that fuckin’ daylight you see to the right of him. six weeks ago, when i was in here last, you would have seen a dark wall and a tv. the bar section of antonio’s, which i’ve brought up a time or eight, was a dark cave where dell management types could booze it up with no fear of their corporate image…but NOW it’s all lit up via daylight and fully visible to the diners, which are typically people lower on the corporate ladder and higher on the kid count…or at least the kid count they’ll own up to in public. as a result, business be sufferin’! all you round rock and pflugerville folk – go in there and buy some booze or food to keep my favorite williamson county drinking establishment (i don’t know where to begin counting the errors in the phrase “favorite williamson county drinking establishment”) open – unless you’re one of my reader’s in dell’s upper management, in which case i GUESS we understand!!!