it’s a funk…it’s a funky funky…it’s a funky funky weekend


…does anybody have ANYTHING positive to say about this past weekend?

mine was kinda “eh”. money tends to ebb and flow in my world, and whichever one means it’s going out faster than it’s coming in is the one that fits for this weekend. i also felt kinda anxious, like either something bad was just about to happen OR i had forgotten something i was supposed to do and it was gonna bite me in the ass. i’ve come to the conclusion that the latter was probably the case as my trip to new orleans was SUPPOSED to be this weekend so all kinds of funds would need to be secured and allocated AND i’d have to make arrangements for the girls AND to board lil’ dude since i just don’t think he’d do well with three dad-free days and only short bursts out of his crate at this point – all things that would have to be handled this week to get ready for the weekend – except the big “SUPPOSED to be…” factor, as the trip’s been pushed to halloween weekend, giving me a little breathing room.

so, that’s my excuse.

but so far everybody i’ve talked to about this weekend has had ZERO positive shit to say about it. like, NOBODY i know had a good weekend – and for most folks aren’t weekends supposed to be a good thing? seems like everybody i know is coming into monday MORE wound up than they were on friday when they got off work…sounds like a recipe for “carbine rifle wednesday” at some offices later!