reunited, and it feels so…well…fuck me (part ii)

the things i do for you people…

…okay, so it wasn’t THAT big a deal.

i mentioned PREVIOUSLY that most people go to their high school reunion for four reasons. i went for three of my own…

1. to see the girl that paid my way in (she didn’t have to, but wanted me there) and get her number since i didn’t have it (don’t think this was some reunion romance – she’s married)

2. to see if my buddy jon, who went to school with us THROUGH high school would show up, even though he technically attended and graduated a private school in austin.

3. to get material for you good folks.

(those are not necessarily listed in order)

i went, i saw, i split. within three minutes of me arriving the girl who paid my way in (at the insistence of her husband) left but that was long enough for me to get a hug and a number, so mission accomplished, i suppose, on that one.

i saw jon soon there after, we hung, we chatted, and i’m supposed to be joining another classmate (who i’ve known since the fourth grade, went all the way through public school AND college with, and not only was she on season three of last comic standing BUT has also somehow aged backwards – if there was an award for hottest at the reunion she better have scored it, but i wouldn’t know since i cut out early) for lunch at jon’s restaurant on thursday for a birthday-eve thing for me…

…at least i see it as a birthday eve thing. they’ll probably see it as just lunch.

women in my class seem to fall into two distinct classes, for the most part, with very little middle ground. there were those that stayed hot (or got hotter) and those that looked like they’d eaten a popular girl out of spite in college. again, not a lot of middle ground.

the guys seemed to have aged, on average, well…average. i think i fared pretty well, but i can be an egotistical shit sometimes, so that might just be me.

so, sadly, not a lot of material came out of this. the food was good, the bar was free (one free drink a piece, but when you sit next to classmates who went into the clergy you score there’s pretty easily). i was in and out in under an hour, partially due to boredom, partially due to it being a ufc night.

hey, you gotta have your priorities, right?