saturday afternoon funk

not to be confused with “saturday night fever”, you understand…

…it makes no sense, and lots of sense, all at the same time.

today is in the thirties and raining, just like it has been the last three or four days. grey days tend to equal grey moods for me, and that’s when i’m employed and doing okay.

still jobless, still broke, tish still has mites (repti-mite from petsmart sucks and will be going back tomorrow), the car is still having that inexplicable temperature gauge / fan issue, and while i spent way too much money on last night, i had a good time and have a one to three chance in being shown in the next cheech & chong dvd or concert film or whatever the fuck they’re doing with the footage from last night. so at least there’s that – catch you guys up on everything monday…

(and transam dan, if you read this, shoot an email over to me so we can stay in touch – for some reason your last comment got lumped in with the spam…)

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