same as it ever was

it’s amazing how connections with people can be re-soldered after decades…

…and it’s amazing how my “killer memory” can fail me from time to time.

if you ask me about friends in high school JAB, lance, and bret instantly come up. so do the michaels. and a few female friends would spring to mind, but keri would have not come to mind…and that’s fucked up. we found each other on facebook a few years ago, did one lunch and then kinda faded into fb obscurity for the most part. we both got married, she got divorced, and then a post went up recently about her marrying some chick out in vegas (which we didn’t think was legal when we saw the post, but it turns out it has been for a few months) but it turned out to be a hoax just to fuck with friends and family…

…good to know she hasn’t changed.

she now has a teenage daughter that’s into the modern rave culture and so she ended up in town last night (she’s relocated to the metroplex at this point). the last time we hung out she seemed a bit “off”. not drunk or drugged up or anything – just off. this time was different, and it felt kinda like hanging out in high school again…which was cool.

except now we were both drinking…back then i didn’t.

it shows a friendship is good when the rapport can pick up like it was 1987, minus the shitty hair, right?

today i got to meet the kiddo and it was odd only because i’d seen pics on the facebooks and they looked a LOT alike – but in person not so much. so far it seems (from what i was told over booze last night) that she DOES take after her mamma’s behavior patterns in high school, which just shows that karma is a real thing. but it was cool seeing her again, and i look forward to us hanging out again. nice to know some things are constants in life, ya know?

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