short & spicy & stupid

it’s amazing the shit that catches my eye when i’m up at 3:30am…

…and not from the night before.

once every year or two my allergies kick in. badly. for about one week. it’s not an exact science, sometimes it’s less sometimes it’s more; on the day this is being written it’s day five of seven. in theory all will be well by the time you read this.

i guess we shall see.

as i need to finally settle up with the i.r.s. this year i keep my eye out on where the tax dollars go…hell, if i’m gonna kick in, i wanna know. and today i saw there was a study done (and aren’t those always, directly or indirectly, funded by our tax dollars?) on how teens shouldn’t do the cinnamon challenge.

this, to me, is an “n.p.m.”, or “‘nigga, please!’ moment”.

according to the study it can harm you, possibly on a permanent basis. “possibly”. and on top of that, the “peak year” saw just over two HUNDRED teens in the hospital for trying to meet the challenge…that same year the teen population in the good ol’ USA was just over twenty-one MILLION.

that means less than one tenth of one percent have done this…

…think maybe, just maybe, they could have put the money to better use? on something that maybe actually hit ONE FUCKING PERCENT of their target group to “protect”? it seems to me like this is just government spending fighting darwinism…i say if they’re stupid enough to try it, fuck ’em.

i think the lotto has better odds.

so, once again, i feel better about the fact i might owe taxes – at least i haven’t funded this shit.

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