we’re taking it back!

and i don’t mean the term “porch monkey”…

…but we might go after that, too!

i haven’t been to lollapalooza since it was a touring show and played austin in 1995 back when “south park meadows” was a concert venue instead of the mid-level shopping megaplex it is now. sad turn of events, that. it used to be a place where i saw nine inch nails, david bowie, van halen, cypress hill, sonic youth, beck, the ramones, pearl jam, r.e.m., radiohead, etc…now it’s a wal-mart / target / best buy / hobby lobby kinda place.

like i said…sad.

missed all the lollas in chicago, which is sad as well as i missed depeche mode, rage against the machine, nine inch nails…all bands i’ve seen before. often. eight, four, and five times respectively. not like all of them were at one particular one…and often the rest of the line-up to me was, at best, lackluster. screw-up on my behalf? all of those fell during the years teri lived in chicago, i late found out in a complex basically right across the street from the park it was in.

well, fuck.

now she’s in dallas (along with all my cousins – in fact i recently found out i am the ONLY one still in the area, since dad’s in new mexico and uncle tim apparently moved down to the valley) and then i saw this year’s line up, which is several bands but includes:

the cure
new order
nine inch nails

the cure i’ve seen three times – but the last one was really good. new order? don’t know if they’ll be the same without hookie on bass, but it’s been since 1989 so i can let that slide (one of the few concert stubs from that era to survive the jen infestation of 1999, i might add). just those three make it almost worth it to me if they don’t head this way…need to get on the google and see. nice to see the generation that started the whole lollapalooza thing (MY generation – you’re welcome) is taking it back! now we just gotta work on that other thing…