that asshole tried to hurt my bitch

a year and some change after she passes calum’s chica gets her own bit!

althought i might have brought this up before…or at least the story, since it is my favorite bit about her. there used to be this old man that lived behind me and at one point he was dog-sitting his son’s dog, who was one of those nocturnal dogs that sleep all day, bark all night.

so, after two nights of no sleep the third one started the same way, and i’d had enough. i think this was summer of 2k1 ’cause i only had calum & buffi at the time. i walked out into my kitchen, all bleary-eyed, and opened the back door, pointing at the fence where the barking was coming from and yelled, “fix this shit!”

calum charged out to the fence and started barking, but the other dog just barked back and KEPT barking after calum stopped. he walked back in like, “fuck – what more can i do?” and settled in, with the din of barking still continuing.

i turned to buff and said, “you got this girl?”. she calmly walked to the fence and then bared down and started barking and DIGGING. all of a sudden i saw her entire head, neck, and shoulders disappear into the hole she’d created and the barking on the other side of the fence turned to yipping that faded into the distance like the dog had run off from the fence.

no more barking. ever. figured that had scared the piss out of the dog…but it apparently did the same thing to the old man, ’cause the next neighbors built a fence (the old man didn’t have one – just used mine) and now mine’s falling down in places which revealed this:

now, i know that wasn’t moms back in the day as it was on the other side of our fence. but it’s on my side of the new fence, so i have to figure this was something the old man did to “buff-proof” his property. look at these shits up close:

(next to my full sized BBQ tongs to give a scope of how big these fuckers are once you unearth them)

un-fucking cool. i get that she used to be a little breakout artist, and calum would go with her, and as much of a sweetheart as calum was if you didn’t KNOW that and just looked at him he could be a little intimidating. so my neighbor on another side had put up a layer of hogwire between his fence and mine – i was cool with that. that keeps the dogs IN, but doesn’t harm them. the spikes were clearly designed to not just “contain”, so he should be glad he’s in the ground now, ’cause if not old man whats-his-nuts and i would have some fucking WORDS about this shit.

can’t believe it took a decade before i found this shit, though…