i’ve got big balls…always!

i don’t remember the other six signs the end of the world is nigh…

…but i think this is one of them:

ac/dc’s new cd, due out just before halloween, will be available EXCLUSIVELY at wal-mart.

let’s think about this one…

the band that brought us highway to hell and big balls will now put out a cd that you can only get at the retailer that inspired jane’s addiction to release a version of ritual de lo habitual back in the nineties who’s cover art was simply the first amendment in black text on a white background because wal-mart is known for censoring not only the lyrical content but the cover art of the artists they allow to grace their shelves only a stone’s throw away from clothing sewn by slave kids from saigon.

that’s just freakish.

the article i read referenced that while the eagles (honestly, you had your moment, and it was a good one, but does anyone still care? have you released a single note worth a shit since frey was on miami vice? me thinks not) and journey (see previous note, omit “and it was a good one”) did it with their last two albums, to a decent chunk of success, neither of those bands still technically has a recording contract with a major label whereas ac/dc still do…

…but does that matter any more?

with arena-filling acts like radiohead and nine inch nails giving full cds away months before releasing the actual hard disc in sometimes limited runs, does it make sense for ac/dc to take it there? for my money it doesn’t make sense – and while they are, frightening as it may be, the largest cd retailer in the nation, wal-mart is not known for boistering the creative spirit in the artists it pushes, unless that spirit is being given up to the lord, deer season, or mylie cyrus. i don’t know…something about this just doesn’t seem right to me.

…where would jesus wanna buy the new ac/dc? THAT’S what we should be asking ourselves.

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  • josh Sep 24, 2008 @ 14:30

    i wouldn’t buy it. just steal it when it comes out on a torrent site later. if you do that the evil empire won’t get it’s money and you still get the disc. ac/dc isn’t going to make much cash off that anyway. if you want to support the artist go to the concert and buy the merch.