feelin’ gassy should make you sick

i noticed this about a month ago…

…slowly, but surely, gas was creeping up from $2.50 to $3.00 a gallon.

then all of a sudden it JUMPED!

thursday on my way home (when i coulda filled up, but decided not to) most places i passed were $3.10 a gallon (it should be noted they were technically $3.09 9/10 but what the fuck is that “9/10” shit about?). then friday they jumped up TWENTY cents per gallon. not much, until you think about it…i have a fifteen gallon tank, so that’s three bucks extra a tank. i run around a lot between five tattoo shops, so i fill up twice a week at this point – so six bucks a week. multiply that by fifty-two weeks in a year and we’re over $300 extra in gas…

…and for what?

some people say it’s the unrest in lybia. that’s bullshit. manic momar has been losing his shit in various degrees for years, and it never hit us at the pump. the bahrain shit? try again – they’re so crazy they actually GAVE MJ & his kids a palace when he was hiding from the american media after all that child molestation shit.

no, we’re getting this because of one reason:

they can.

after the worst recession in history, where fewer americans were driving to work, the oil companies saw their profits dip a little bit.

NOTE: they didn’t see their profits go AWAY…they still made a profit, just not as MUCH as they’re used to.

so now they’re fucking us. period. word has it that it gets worse before it gets better. so, i guess THIS will be the emblem to look for on a pump soon…