thursday NON-throwback – my komfy-ass kryptonite?

i think i figured out the secret to a productive day off…

…avoid flannel pants.

tuesday i woke up and it was chilly – threw on a long-sleeved t-shirt and flannel pants. that was pretty much all she wrote. until i went out and grabbed drinks and shit with bret at 8pm i was pretty much a slug. the most i accomplished of the numerous pre-christmas chores that needed to get did was i made frito pie – and that is HARDLY a productive day. once i put on those lounge pants i had buns of steel and a magnetic couch.

okay, so i made frito pie AND cleared 12% of my dvr capacity off. still, HARDLY an accomplishment.

fast-forward to today – jumped out of bed and just threw on cargo shorts and a t-shirt as i knew it would be warmer. sure enough, ran to my grandma’s old place for some stuff i needed, PLUS the grocery store, wal-mart, and then cleaned and PAINTED my home office. not bad…and flannel pants free.

coincidence? i think not…

…of course, it could also have to do with me NOT drinking a rock star or any other energy drink yesterday…but personally, i’m gonna blame the flannel pants. good for the end of the day when you KNOW you don’t have shit to do – not so much if you wanna get shit done. that’s my theory, and i’m sticking to it.