humpday bonus weed flick bit

so the other day, before i went and had dinner, got drunk, and then got ejected with my team mates from a league kickball game for too much drunken shit talking (the were drunk, too, and i’m the token white boy on the team), and after i went to work, i went and saw pineapple express

…and i’m still not sure how i feel about it.

pretty early in the movie seth rogen goes on this diatribe about weed and how it makes food taste better, music sound better, sex feel better, and even makes some shitty movies funnier. perhaps that’s what he hoped for here. don’t get me wrong, some parts of it are damn near piss yourself, laugh out loud kinda funny. but i found the pace at some points a bit slow and, much like superbad, it just kinda petered out into a male uberbonding moment although this time not nearly as trainwreckish.

the last twenty minutes of superbad just flat out sucked.

but this is worth the viewing, i have to say – but if you have the ability to alter yourself that might help the slower parts…

(side note – i was orginally going to go off on the whole seth rogen and a highschool girl thing, but then found out that seth rogen IS actually twenty-five…but i thought he was older. add to that the “high school girl” is actually twenty-two AND from the atx, and i figure i should leave that one alone…)