“it makes me wanna choke a baby”

before we go any further, a few “after the fact comments” to some previous entries…

…i recently had a few parents (and their kids) annoy the crizzap out of me and i vented it on here. do keep in mind a lot of this is written tongue-in-cheek, slightly in character, and not meant to be taken seriously or literally.

it’s entertainment, folks.

i have a friend who dopes her kid up on all kinds of pharmaceuticals because she claims he gets violent on his ADD. my argument is that he never had ADD and it’s all ’cause she pumped him full of sugar, he acted a fool, and as she’s in the medical field AND tends to not take responsibility for her actions she had him medicated up from an early age, permanently damaging his developing brain’s chemistry – ’cause if it’s a “disease” (quotes intentional) then it’s not HER fault he’s a dipshit. it’s not the kid’s. it’s his “condition”. (again, quotes intentional). when i was taking all my psychology classes back in the ’90’s i was told by numerous professors that “the trend these days is to misdiagnose AD/HD in adolescents because then they get them on meds they DON’T need to take, but they’re now hooked for life, and so the drug companies make money…once your brain NEEDS their pills to function, they’ve got you. it’s all about the “pills and the profit over the patient’s well being and the integrity of the practice”, they said. and that was over sixteen years ago…at point this is a bit more than theory, i’m afraid.

but if i didn’t go off on THAT chica on here, you should know i’m not picking on any of you readers personally. when kenny dies in south park, we laughed. didn’t mean we REALLY wanted to see a fourth grader dismembered…it was just funny.

so, stop all the “why the fuck do you hate kids?” emails…and don’t use that kind of language in front of your fucking kids.

(i can use it because i never have, and probably never will, have kids of my own. actually, replace “probably” with “i guaranfuckingtee i” and we’re being a bit more accurate here…)

moving on…

i’m curious about a conversation i had with my friend steve (name changed per his request since i was putting it on here). steve is not a small man. my build, and taller than JAB (who’s 6’4″) by a few inches. and the other day he made a comment that intrigued me…

“i’m so mad i could punch a puppy….”

when he noticed an odd glance out of me at the comment, he furthered his comment by explaining…

“dude, haven’t you ever gotten so mad it makes you say stuff that you would NEVER do just to vent, ’cause you’re so ticked off that you’d do things, or at least talk about ’em, that are so irrationally out of character to just to keep the anger under control – like, ‘i’d choke a baby’, or ‘take a hostage’, or ‘punch a puppy’…you know?”

no, i wouldn’t know anything about THAT level of anger. and remind me not to be around steve when he’s angry…clearly i wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

but – has anybody ELSE heard of this line of thought? saying shit like that when you’re pissed as a “venting tool”?

doesn’t help that steve looks the type (i know him well enough to know he’s not) to punch a puppy.

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  • Shane Jul 21, 2010 @ 21:51

    I don’t know about anger, but I’ve used the phrase “I’d choke a baby seal to get in her pants.” . Is that sorta the same thing?