smut vs. smut? i vote for smut!

my friends constantly think they know what would make a good whore bit…

…and every now and again the fuckers are right. this would be one of those times.

a group of atheists in san antonio (i love any group of non-god folk who take up office in a city named after a fucking saint) consider the bible “smut” (even i think that’s going a bit far – if it was that scandalously dirty i’d read it more often than i have) and therefore encourage students to trade their bible (or other religious books) for a porno mag since “the bible is just as smutty as it contains violence, torture, and inspires religious wars…”

that’s hardly fair – since when has somebody started a war of any kind over asian anal queens volume iii?. i’m just sayin’.

here’s my only beef with getting the emailed link (thanks shane, btw – i believe in giving credit where it’s due)…i should have found out about this BEFORE so i could attend the event. they apparently do it annually AND have a branch in austin (better commute for me, not that i don’t love my time with kramer and ME, you understand) so i’ll have to go to the next one to get some pics and shit…maybe even video of me trading a bible (which i’ll steal from a hotel if i can) for a hustler or something.

the things i do to get material to entertain you people…

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  • Shane Mar 3, 2010 @ 10:03

    I laughed my ass off when I saw that news clip…also after the fact.