fuck you and your shitty little bag

this cracked me up…

…partially ’cause i’ve got some personal skin in the game.

i was reading an article on some lawsuits when i came across one about this:

it’s basically what would happen if the poop emoji impregnated a bootleg louis vuitton bag. it’s not even trying to be convincingly real…shit, if anything, it’s just trying to be real stupid. and it’s accomplishing that in spades! but what’s funny is it was identifiable enough that louis vuitton slapped em with a lawsuit.

and the poop bag fuckers sued em right back!

they claimed, as i did previously in this bit, that nobody could ever confuse this with the real thing and it was covered by the law under parody (i believe that’s the “weird al clause” of intellectual property law) and the courts agreed. way different if you make it look so convincingly legit that they keep printing shit upside down trying to turn it into the real thing, i suppose…

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