do it again

this weekend was filled with way too much booze, a bit too much sun, and several cartoon fish. but here’s a lil’ bit from the whore’s past for you to savor while i ponder what all happened the last couple of days…

okay, so FINALLY i have somebody to sue. bout damn time. i was gonna wait till tomorrow to put this in, but i can’t. this is the second part to the “white people” comment. and i can’t sue someone who did something this funny…

in protest to all the native-american slams that go on in mascots these days, there’s a team in colorado called, “the fighting whites” i shit you not. the fighting whities.

TOO fucking funny.

so now, can i sue them? they’ve got a rather ward cleaver looking guy on their jerseys, and the slogan on the front of their t-shirts says, “everythang’s gonna be all white”. so, am i supposed to feel the way they do when they see a cleveland baseball jersey? ’cause i’m laughing my ASS off here, and i’m NOT offended. i think it’s funny as hell. as carlos mencia says time and time again, “lighten up, america”.

2020 update – the team is now gone, and might have just been a marketing scheme but did a butt load of good while they were around.

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