maybe i am a celebrity after all

i guess all i need to do now is bang britney and get my newborn’s pics in ok magazine…

…’cause apparently i’ve already done the other part of celebrity life:

been laid up with exhaustion

sad but true.

at least that was my drunken canadian buddy’s diagnosis, and while he’s had ZERO medical schooling in his life, he is from the land of “free” nationalized health care, and i’ve heard they really take advantage of that shit, so chances are he’s spoken to enough doctors in his lifetime to make it all worthwhile, so we’ll go with his theory.

what do i have to lose?

all i know is thursday night “T” flew into town and while we were SUPPOSED to hang out friday night, we ended up hanging thursday (we were gonna go ahead and do both, but that didn’t happen) and i took her to antonio’s for ritas and appetizers. plenty of the former (which, as i’ve mentioned, are just this side of moonshine in strength) and not many of the latter and we were out the door.

i passed out hard around 12:30, but woke up around 2:15 with my stomach kinda messing with me, and TONS on my mind, and as a result couldn’t get back to sleep. i barely dozed away the next four hours and when i first got up felt fine (had my usual biscuit breakfast sandwich and jumbo diet rockstar), but quickly deteriorated at work to where i only pulled a half day, went home, and crawled in bed around 2:15 (this time PM) and didn’t emerge till 7:00, still feeling shaky.

i was gonna play it safe and just have soup but instead went for it and hit whataburger around 9:00 or so for a double meat, triple cheese burger…

…all was well.

i don’t chalk this up to the booze / food ratio due to the fact i’ve been to the same place, drank more, ate less, and been fine – i think it was that COMBINED with low sleep, lots of stress, and the cocktail (as it were) was properly shaken.

so now i know how the wealthier half lives. if only i could get their bank balance…

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