tears and apologies

so first, the apologies…sorry the entry wasn’t up at the “usual” time (a lot of “usual time activities” have been slipping out of my life lately; hopefully just temporarily) but i tried to upload the drawing of my cross tattoo due to multiple requests, and, well, the server apparently didn’t like it; ’cause neither the iMac at home or the pc here in the office could get it to fly; and last night, the combination of a good workout, good tequila, and queso flamiado (lil’ help with the spelling here? it’s the only appetizer that should come with it’s own strainer…but mix in steak, and throw it on corn tortillas made just that morning, and it’s some GOOD stuff) made for one tired (not so little) man once he got home and i passed out AND overslept. so i couldn’t do my planned entry, nor did i get time to come up with something else. so you get a bit i’ve been pondering for a while…

(it should be noted the last time we had to use a “back of my mind” bit it was the ten commandments of driving, and you all LOVED that one…)

austin is a unique city. there are things you see here you don’t see other places. things you hear and smell that just don’t go on anywhere else in the world. and us folk that inhabit the joint are just as unique…and for us locally-born, artistic, creative types, just as passionate. but it’s the little things that mean so much, so i give you…

10 things that move austin people to tears….

1. a clear stretch of 183, i35, or mopac at 5:03pm….ANY day of the week
2. a parking space with a tree within 20 feet of your car
3. leslie in his pink thong (don’t get me wrong…i love a thong on a hot, latina ass…but that leslie thong thing is just WRONG) 2019 note: RIP Leslie
4. a margarita special where you can taste the tequila AND it’s under $4.00
5. the sunny climate and trees are like a natural prozac…(oh wait, that’s what moves tearful people to austin, not what moves austin people to…my bad.)
6. a decent restaurant that doesn’t have a wait at 7:00 on a thursday (or a friday, or a saturday, or…)
7. parking within 100 yards of the entrance of where you’re going
8. any place with REALLY good queso
9. a rain cloud during the month of june, july, or august
10. a place that will let you smoke ANYTHING in the smoking section (okay, so nothing illegal…but cigars, for crying out loud, should be allowed…okay, and MAYBE weed)

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