so, yesterday was one of those anti-motivation days. this, of course, is not to be confused with a “non-motivational” day, where you you just AREN’T motivated to do anything; this was ANTI-motivational; where the longer your day drags on, the less you feel like accomplishing. you know the kind i’m talking a bout? what disturbs me most is, i’ve been having those a LOT.

after having to hang at the office an extra half an hour since some people apparently can’t tell time or commit to the days they say they’ll work or an unhappy combination of the two, i was off to san marcos to get what i determined to be the remaining 3% of the cross on my stomach done. but once i got there, and we started trying to work in the two minor tribal chunks of the puzzle, we realized they didn’t really work and in fact kinda brought the design DOWN. both of us tried to make it work, and it just didn’t happen. i even “pulled a harold” and tried, got everything lined up just the way i wanted, and it was no go.

by “pulled a harold” i’m referring to the rather sizeable tattoo on harold’s chest and shoulders. harold is, of course, the tattoo artist who does my work (i liked his stuff so much i even had him RE-do the few i had that he had never touched; and trust him enough to let him work on the one body on this planet i value more than my own) and is also the owner of Sharp Things in san marcos. that’s Sharp Things, the only tattoo / piercings studio good enough to be on the square in san marcos. where’s the square, you ask? here’s a better way of finding it: Sharp Things, 109 E. Hopkins, San Marcos, TX, 78666 (i am NOT making that zip code up, and legend has it there’s a reason for it) 512.353.1170.

can you tell we spent the bulk of tuesday night coming up with marketing/advertising ideas and i am still in FULL blown “plug it till it hurts” mode. and speaking of “plug it till it hurts”, don’t forget my birthday approacheth in june…do i actually get to plug anyone till it hurts this year? but i digress…where was i? oh yeah..harold’s chest piece….

i don’t know what the actual pagan/wiccan term is for the guy, but it’s the leaf guy. the tree “god” that has a face made of leaves…kinda the king of the forest. you know the one i’m talking about? anyway, he’s done in black, and appropriately green, on the center of harold’s chest, with twisty, medieval looking tree branches coming off of him going around harold’s nipples and up onto his shoulder blades. but what makes the piece TRULY unique is the fact that harold did all this HIMSELF, for the most part looking in a mirror as he went. that is fucking AMAZING…and yesterday, i tried it (all be it with a fine point sharpie, but i tried it none the less) on my tribal cross, and it was to absolutely no avail. just so the trip wouldn’t be wasted, we talked marketing strategies all night, and came up with some good ideas and good ad campaigns…

for where, you might ask? for Sharp Things….109 E. Hopkins…San Marcos, Texas…78666…512.353.1170

okay, i’ll stop…for now.

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He’s called the “green man” – the old man of the forest, occurs quite a bit in northern european mythology…

astrofishy said @ 05/29/2002 01:40 PM GMT

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