this is a GOOD morning?

well, so far i’m four for four. that’s right..monday through thursday of this week, i have YET to plant my ass in my chair at work by 9:15, let alone 9:00. sure, i list my official office hours as 9:00ish to 5:00ish, but this is getting ridiculous. and it always goes down the same way…

the night before, i can’t sleep. had a lot on my mind lately, and just haven’t been able to doze off at a reasonable time; FINALLY i fall asleep around 1am. then the next morning, i’m all cuddled up under the covers in my PJs (that’s piercings and jewelry…the only thing i wear in bed no matter HOW cold it is), and due to the temperature, i’m basically in hibernation. it’s times like this it’s both good and bad that i’m alone in the morning…bad, ’cause i REALLY wish there was someone there to cuddle with…good, because if there WERE someone there, we’d probably be doing a LOT more than cuddling, and then i’d be REALLY late, but there’d definitely be some bounce in my step. 🙂

so then, i finally get out of bed, and then i can’t get out of the’s warm…and wet….and now i’m thinking of what would make me REALLY late again, so let’s move on quickly…then no matter how much i hurry, i still leave barely on time, and then there’s always some stop to be made. a bill to pay. dog food to get. car needs gas. and then there was this morning…something i’ve REALLY missed lately…the “hi honey…good morning” call. been TOO long since i’ve had one of those. but this one was evil. and wrong. ’cause it was from KRAMER!!! now i’m scared to sleep on my stomach in my own house….and he wasn’t even there!!! be afraid. be VERY afraid…

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