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okay, so by the time this is being read, it’s valentine’s day…which kramer made allusions to my opinion of in his recent journal entry about us going to el arroyo; and in MY opinion made me out to be some sad, depressed, drowning-my-sorrows-in-a-sea-of-frozen-tequila sort of guy. not true. AND i was misquoted…

my exact quote on the day:

“dude…valentine’s day is just the corporate world saying, ‘you’re single, so you suck’
…or more accurately, ‘you’re single, so nobody’s gonna suck on you in fun ways'”

(for those of you who wanna prove this wrong, see the oral sex donation link below)

or just be in bitter-ass denial, and think of today as just thursday.

(but still go to the oral sex link below…unless you’re a guy. this is austin. sometimes you have to be specific on this sort of thing)

2019 addition here:

to explain the donation link, i used to have a link to a website where you could pledge to donate oral sex to me as a way to “keep my creative juices flowing”, as it were. three things should be noted that make this kinda fun:

1. it was kramer’s idea, so if the ufc is reading this don’t be too horrified.
2. while typing the above i inexplicably typed “sexplain” to start, adding to the theme
3. on the original astrowhore site this was, oddly enough, the sixty-ninth post.

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