my reality is not their reality

you know what i realized today?

i think fox will soon be all american idol, all the time.

have we sunk so low?

some people would say i have no room to criticize here, since i have never watched a single episode.

in a word, fuck you.

i thought this was a show on fox – as in with a weekly time slot. once a week. that’s it. but i know it’s been on at least twice this week, possibly more – and each show isn’t a “show” in the radio spot…it’s an “event”. to be more accurate, it’s a two hour “event”.

let’s analyze this for a moment – my local fox station will dedicate one hour TOTAL during the evening for looking at what went on in the world today, as far as news, weather, and sports is concerned; but the potential singing career of some jersey teen as judged by some snooty english guy (who i believe is the reason we had the spice girls, by the way), psycho jacko’s brother (2018 note – it’s a DIFFERENT randy jackson), and a former laker girl / pop “star” warrants TWICE the amount of air time?

if this doesn’t show what’s wrong with the world, i don’t know what does.

do any of my readers actually watch this slop? i mean, it’s kinda sad – when i first heard the concept, i thought, “cute – that might make it a season or two”. who knew it would not only survive, but thrive to the point of bands like INXS and TLC using it to secure replacements for their no-longer-amongst-the-breathing members?

if someone had told me that reality shows like survivor and american idol and the osbournes and all the rest would be such the rage that people would sit stupefied for literally days at a stretch just to watch someone else’s life unfold in the jungle or a house or a tattoo joint or a restaurant i would have thought you were on some serious shit; why would i want to WATCH what happens in a tattoo joint on tv? i’ll just go hang at harold’s place. in the simplest of terms:

when do you think people will start LIVING reality and stop just watching it?

i’ll leave it at that.

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