again??? (the interlude to the interlude)

okay, so last night while working on the entry about the interruption during working on the entry before i got interrupted…

…follow that?

(i promise – this will be the end on this one)

this time it was just by my phone ringing – and it was uncle arturo.

nice to hear another perspective on the other night’s events.

so, it turns out that around a month ago (nice reaction time, huh?) my uncle got one of those calls we’ve all had before – the one where we have a five minute voicemail of ambient noise, and we wonder “what the fuck???”. for those of us who are part of the mobile phone generation, it’s no big deal – for my seventy year old uncle, it’s a conspiracy in the making…

…i think they call this a “generation gap”.

he swears he heard two guys and a girl in what sounded like a hotel…

(for the record, arturo, i only to threesomes with two girls – so that should have been a tip off…not that you know me like that. which is probably a good thing. let’s move on…)

anyway, it was apparently five minutes of random, drunken, (going off the time frame) spring break merriment, ending with one of the guys saying, “sean, dude, your phones been on a while…” and the other guy yelling across the room to hang it up. the end of the call.

flash forward a month.

i was curious if he wanted to do something for easter so i called him on friday to see what was up and had to leave a message, but left a generic one and didn’t mention easter so if he checked it AFTER the holiday he wouldn’t feel too guilty.

but he thought i was in trouble – and tied said trouble to the ambient call the month prior. again, nice reaction time. he’s a bit of a night owl, and recently retired (i didn’t know about that last part) so showing up at my house at 10:30 on a school night was no big deal to him.

so the hour makes sense.

he pulled in, saw the house was mainly dark, and pulled back out of the driveway so his lights wouldn’t wake me – he wanted to call to see if i was up, though, and does not believe in using a mobile phone while driving.

(in case you ever wondered if anyone actually listened to that safety tip, now you know…)

so, he pulled over under the street light (by my neighbors) and turned off the truck, and pulled out his phone. he has an older one, and keeps it off so he doesn’t use minutes, and it took a minute or two to fire up. once it did, he realized he couldn’t really see due to the shadow ’cause he had pulled up to far – so rather than back up a yard or so, he just pulled up to the end of the street where there’s a lot more light and called me.

so now the parking and moving makes sense.

after he gets my voicemail he turns to david to discuss – do we go back? call again? perhaps leave a note on his…wait…who’s that big redneck looking guy walking up behind us? and what’s that in his hand (by the way – NOT a gun, but rather a small, odd shaped, cordless phone that in the dark looked to my no contacts and glasses self like a weapon – and fooled my uncle, too) – so he took off.

and i think that brings us up to speed.

tomorrow, i promise, the subject will be changed.

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