i don’t even love the latinas this much

shane, if you try and get me on this you forfeit the bet and have to pay up instantly…

…keep that in mind.

sadly, three main interests in this country seem to be:

1. reality tv

2. immigration

3. sex

okay, so i go one for three on this – and anyone who knows me knows which one. but never mind that now.

there’s a new game show set to come out that goes three for three – and when i first heard about it, i expected out cry, law suits, and issues…until i found out that the host AND the creator (two different guys) are both latin in descent. of course, i have to be talking about:

who wants to marry an american citizen?

i am SO not kidding.

the creator can NOT stress enough that the “winner” on the show is not guaranteed marriage nor citizenship. yeah, that should stop the feds from frowning on this. but if you’re a legal immigrant in need of companionship and paperwork o’plenty, this could be the deal for you. likewise, if you’re a citizen who’s not making it on the dating scene and feel a slight language barrier and a woman’s crippling fear of being sent back to third-world living conditions after she’s been to the land where she can have “bebe” in rhinestones across her ass might actually HELP you, this could be your best shot as well.

something tells me one side of this show will look good, one will not.

on the upside, they DO say if marriage results from their un(holy, legal?) union they’ll foot the bill for a wedding party (?!?!) and a honeymoon. so, there’s that. plus the chance for citizenship and true romance, i guess.

until, of course, the girl actually becomes a citizen for a while, and realizes she can do better. then it’s time for the new show: who wants to DIVORCE an american citizen…

…think i’ll pass.

unless ME’s up for it, then i might be down. although she has dual citizenship…she might be able to marry herself.

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