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for the first time in two years, my mobile number is changing. yep, i decided it was time to give up the company phone (or to be more specific, the company carrier) and move on to something that in the long run, due to my chattiness (and the chattiness of others, but mainly me), will save me a shitload of money…since i HAVE gone consistently WAY over my allotted plan minutes and therefore burned through a lot of cash in the last year…

this would be phone number seven in the nine years i’ve been doing the mobile thing. not bad, considering the average lifespan of a lot of my friends phones is only six months to a year. six months? this newest “handset” (and the “handset” before it…that’s what sprint calls phones…isn’t that gay as hell?) retailed for three bills each. yes, three bills….minus the one that gets knocked off due to a rebate or my negotiating skills, of course. but never mind that now. for that kinda scratch, you need to be able to measure their lifespan in YEARS, not MONTHS.

all of mine have gone away due to new technology, not wearing out. started with a old school motorola flip phone (back when the “bricks” were more common) and then went to a little sony analog. swapped the sony analog for the digital version (when i switched from at&t which had just changed to that from cellular one so i jumped on gte which later (in this area) became southwestern bell only to soon thereafter switch to cingular) and then was given an audiovox p.o.s. (brass colored with fake wood trim) from the company for their phone line (verizon) so i ditched my own and swapped that out for a star tac…which i recently gave to a co-worker (not the one named co, though) then i got the new, pretty, slightly annoying moto t720 which i’m returning today since i got the sprint vision samsung and the moto wouldn’t switch carriers.

follow all that? and you should hear what i had to go through just to get the damn thing to work this time around…

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Lo and behold, all handsets have fallen short of the glory of communication, its all part of the handset fall from grace. Back in the day there were the bricks that lived in silicone valley, but the programmers never told them they had no color LED displays, so one day these bricks 9 (without the programmers authorization…) partook of the tech tree of knowledge. They were tempted by the fellas at sales department, the serpentine bastards. At this point they hid their shame with color LEDs, but the damage had been done and the programmers cursed them, to lose their antenna before their time, and to live their lives in static and uncertainty. I hope I have helped to illuminate this for all…

Harold said @ 11/24/2002 01:28 PM CST

the a500…the one they use on all the vision ads you see.

sean (techwhore, too) said @ 11/21/2002 07:12 PM CST

Damn! you went with the Samsung for Vision? Which one? I know there is a Samsung model that is total crap. people were exchanging them the same day for a spiffy Sanyo.

topenga said @ 11/21/2002 06:40 PM CST

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