friday foto fun (part ii? iii? anybody?)

so, here’s a brief friday bit…

…does anybody even read me on friday?

i have a former co-worker (which, i guess at this stage, all of them would fall into that category as you can’t have CURRENT co-workers when you don’t have current work) who used to theorize that no work gets done on monday as people are still ramping up FROM the weekend, and no work gets done on friday as people are ramping up (mentally, and in our case, alchoholically) FOR the weekend – so i always wonder if the friday bits even get read; since this is far from work, probably so.

moving on…

i just purchased (from a pawn shop for super cheap) my first electric guitar. i am not really a musician. can do some drums and percussion, some light keyboards, ALL about the sampling, turntables, and knob turning – but the guitar is part of a halloween costume (angus young) as i am tired of my date to la tina’s annual thang showing me up so i’m planning in advance. i had heard that when it came to music it has pretty much ALL been done at this point and that most of it is just re-doing the old. i figured there was no WAY in hell that could be true, until i went into the grocery store the other day and saw the magazine rack…

guitar world cover – the allman brothers
bass player cover – phil lesh of the grateful dead
guitar player cover – jimi hendrix
modern drummer cover – mick fleetwood of fleetwood mac

“i’ll take musicians losing radio play or a pulse (or both) before i was in junior high, alex…”

seriously, i’m not looking to shit on the classics here – two of the four are in my iTUnes (jimi & mick) and i’ve met one of the other two (phil) but is there NOBODY out there playing music worth a shit who doesn’t qualify for a discount at denny’s assuming he’s still breathing?

(ponders the question while thinking about current jonas brothers / hannah montana phenomenon…)

yeah, never mind…

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  • transamdan May 15, 2009 @ 18:47

    I’m in Denver but I’m getting the ol whore just fine on the iPhone! Good call on the guitar to accesorize your get up, but last year I went as captain fabulous, a gay naval officer, and a buddy of mine went as private panty, a gay army soldier and it was the best costumes ever! People still bring it up! Your buying the guitar reminded of it cause I had to find uhhhhhh, heels! I know what your wondering but all I have to say is, don’t ask don’t tell!

  • sean May 15, 2009 @ 21:46

    dude, that’s the funniest shit i’ve read in a LONG fucking time – we’re getting a group together for tina’s thang, and you are SO going!!!

  • transamdan May 22, 2009 @ 18:12

    SOLD! I know it’s funny to read but dare I say I have pictures! You’re on man sounds like fun!