ya get what ya pay for…

so, i survived last night’s drunken brain cell slaughter; TRIED to write something for y’all while mid-intox, but i couldn’t type, couldn’t focus, and i think used up all the creative rambling i had on the two hour and some change phone call that kept me company through most of it (although putting up with me in that condition for that long qualifies this person for sainthood in some sects…at the very least lunch…PLUS, it was long distance, so i don’t know if THAT was getting what was paid for, but i digress)

the cool thing about good booze can be somewhat equated with good sex. it’s all about the yin and the yang (DON’T make the obvious joke about what you think i’m gonna use to define the word “yang”). in this case, i mean it in a two things combined to make a cool whole (again, avoid the “whole/hole” sex joke on this…am i the ONLY pervert in the room right now?)

the two combined elements i’m speaking of are…

a. how good it feels DURING


b. how good you feel, and feel about it all, the morning after

with good booze (for those who haven’t read my piece from last night, i got loaded on sixteen year old irish whiskey…you just can’t argue with liquor that’s old enough to drive…although that’s still SIX years younger than the oldest aged cigars in my humidor..:) ) you get a good quality drunk on, and it’s a good, happy drunk; plus, i woke up this morning at 7:45, with no alarm, and felt fine. once i located one of the cordless phones (things, as you know, end up in odd places when you’ve been drinking; although for some it happens sober; i heard a story about a girl who found her cell phone UNDER the hood of her car after it had been missing a day or two…couldn’t figure out where the ringing was coming from while she drove..or why it sounded so muffled), i called the saintess who put of with me the night before to let her know i was okay, and all was well.

just like good sex…it’s good during, and you feel all good the morning after. and if you play your cards right, the morning after can be a “during”, too, right? of course, in the sexual case, you also get what you pay for…sometimes you pay with your dignity (chips, dips, chains, whips); sometimes you pay with dinner and a movie; sometimes you pay for the movie crew and cameras (did i say that last part out loud???); sometimes you JUST pay for the condoms. my last several, i paid with my heart….and it proved to be WELL worth the investment.

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