non-korean pooh (a tuesday twofer)

viva la cinco de mayo!

(and this entry has NOTHING to do with cinco de mayo, other than the fact i spent the earlier part of the day with my favorite MExican, which is why it went up late – but great to see you again, babe!)

so, i gave in and got the “as seen on tv” pedi-paws claw trimmer to handle copper’s cholo nails.

she is not a fan.

in the devices defense, it DOES say (and is packaged to where you can’t miss it) that “it may take several days for your dog to acclimate to the pedi-paws device”. they’re not kidding, but i tried to accelerate the process. it says allow a day or two. it says to “praise” your dog while you keep the thing whirring away nearby and “reward with treats”.

i ain’t got no job. i just spent twenty bucks on a doggy drimmell tool. we ain’t got no treats in the house.

but copper sleeps as soundly (and snores) like a teamster, so when she was crashed out good and hard (see pic below)…

…i got at least the back ones done. but the fronts (which are apparently more sensitive, and are clearly in closer proximity to those famous pitbull jaws of hers) were not happening if she had anything to say about it, so we’ll let her “acclimate” before we try those so i can still type at a reputable pace. so far, though, it seems like a good investment. somehow buffi and lucky keep their claws all trimmed up on their own – but copper’s needed some real attention. maybe if i was korean i would have that masterful touch that coulda gotten it all done in one pass – perhaps even with some acrylic floral embellishment…

(sue me, that was on my mind since ME was talking about needing to get her toes done, and you knew that “non-korean” part of the title had to make sense eventually)

as for the second part of this bit (hence the “twofer” in the title) hours after i posted the “swine flu” bit my girl erin in houston emailed me a jpeg with the “swine flu” label, so i figured it was just that kid kissing a pig pic i’d gotten close to a hundred times. checked it earlier this morning and saw it was, instead, a revisit of a children’s classic…

…now that’s just fucking funny!

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