dude, do a shot!

so, here’s the deal…

…tomorrow our very own redneck astrologer gets his fifteen minutes courtesy of the abc reality show “wife swap” (and despite the hair, he’s not the wife!). my thought – we needed to make a drinking game out of this, so grab your favortie libation and everytime he says “dude” you have to do a shot!

show airs 7PM central time.

where did the game come from?

well, we here at astrowhore.org condone, and even encourage, drinking – but we can’t have people overdo it. at least not at our suggestion.

the lawyers tell me this.

the original plan was to have people do a shot every time the “k man” either made a bad joke or flirted inappropriately for a married guy. the latter could be a slight issue…but doing a shot every time he cracks a shitty joke?

that’s not a buzz – that’s alchohol poisoning. again, the lawyers tell me that’s a bad thing.

on the upside, a vodka-induced coma DOES make kramer seem funnier…