hump day hot bitches bit

i shouldn’t call them “bitches” – for the most part they’re nice girls…

…although the one yesterday is an exception to the rule, but never mind that now.

one thing i learned so far in 2017, the year of the dog(gy drama) is that all the staff of our vet office is female. all of ’em. one head guy (who’s never there) and then a bunch of twenty-something (maybe one or two in their 30’s, but EARLY 30’s) women. and one thing i’ve learned about women – they pretty much all get cold easily.

i can remember a few times when i was single where i’d spend the night at a girl’s place and not sleep worth a shit. partially due to noise levels (or lack thereof), typically due to temperature. the ufc always kept her place chilly – one of the reasons i married her. if you can’t be literally comfy with somebody, how good are things going to be…i mean, really?

fast-forward to yesterday when the ufc had a doctor’s appointment. after all our vet time it was nice to know we were somewhere nobody would shit in the lobby (although this one little bastard named “george” was a likely candidate). we went back in the exam room. then the lobby. then ANOTHER exam room. and every room was fucking WARM.

then i started looking at all the staff pics on the wall – with the exception of MY doctor (who’s seen me twice in his office in the twenty-one years since mom died, and only one of those was for actual medical reasons) the whole staff was…you guessed it…female.

i am SO glad i work in a male dominated business – i hate to sweat inside. shit, i gotta bump the a/c below seventy right now just ’cause i wrote this…

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