small town fuck ups, small town ass kissing

a larger bank would just move on…

…but not my small town one.

i use my bank accounts to buy shit online and to pay my bills. i use my cash from any given weekend for food and gas. it makes my weeks easier – if i can see BOTH sides of the money clip i know my balance is “ZERO”. on occasion an auto draft will be coming and some of that cash must find its way into the bank to cover, which is what i did last thursday. i handed ten bucks to a bank teller. she gave me a deposit receipt that i lost…but SHE lost the deposit. two days later i check my account to make sure the draft (gold’s gym) came out and it wasn’t out but the deposit wasn’t there either.

not cool.

i called and let them know what was going on. the ufc was home sick, so soon after the call i passed out next to her for a couple hours. when i woke i saw a credit for my deposit, but then later that night the credit still showed as pending but the balance reflected it NOT being there. i got all set to chew somebody a new ass, but after 1am or so the balance reflected the deposit which now had an attachment on my statement showing a copy of the deposit receipt i’d lost…so i knew all was well on the bank end.

i went to the gym LAST friday with no issue, but i had a feeling one would be popping off, so i skipped monday and went tuesday…to a gym where i KNEW the general manager. good thing because on the gold’s end it showed the auto-draft declined (due to them losing the cash i handed them) but they said that happened ocassionally, so they tried it on the spot and it worked (’cause the bank had found the deposit days before) and all was well.

then yesterday in the mail i got a small envelope with a card embossed with the bank logo containing this note:


hand signed, not coincidentally, by the newbie teller that lost my deposit. try and get THAT outta chase (who i also bank with, i might add). yeah, i guess they earned another chance – well played!

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