poorlando II – the daddy issue remix

so, i guess a lot of what i said the other day don’t fit…

…turns out the crazy fucker was crazy about dudes, but had daddy issues and guns and there we were.

kicking off a shitty week for the shitty piece of swamp land that lost a lot of gay nightclub patrons, a singer at a signing, and a toddler who’s parents encouraged him to play in water signs told him to stay out of…

…and an alligator REALLY told him to stay out of!

so it wasn’t about religion or gayness or guns…it was just a guy lashing out at a lifestyle he wanted to be a part of and felt daddy would never let him. or so the theory goes TODAY. next week we could find out he’s an actual terrorist, or a gay drug lord, or was supposed to be on next season’s top chef.

this is why i tend to avoid current events on here – you scramble out a bit based on the facts at the time and then shit gets all sorts of fucked up. going forward i’m avoiding all the current event shit unless it involves celebrities that are confirmed dead…

…RIP Muhammad Ali.

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  • Kramer Jun 17, 2016 @ 13:51

    You missed the family of five in Roswell… Oh well, just NM, doesn’t matter, right?

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