v.d. 2k9 – a tale of two texts

so, with me being single…

(…and ME moving back to cali today) my dream idea of an anti-valentines with her took off west.

guess i’ll do the real thing. but who to take out?

well, i got two texts from two single girls in the last forty-eight hours. it was weird – both girls from my past, both live in (or around) san antonio, and both have been friends with me for a while, but we took it to the other level only once. both were just mass forwards, but i think even moe-bile spam speaks volumes about the person sending it. oddly enough, they were both take offs on an oft-lampooned credit card ad. lot of coincidences here. and i made a date with one of them for tonight. guess which one off the text sent…

here’s what i got:

Valentines Day – Flowers: $90. Dinner: $120. Movies: $20. Drinks: $50. Hotel: $150. The look on his face when you tell him you’re on your PERIOD? Priceless!!!

and the second?

Valentines Day – Dinner: $100. Flowers: $50 Hotel: $100. Finding out she swallows AND takes it in the ass? Priceless! Fuck Mastercard, it pays to discover!!!

yeah, kind of a no-brainer there, huh?