thursday breakfast idea?

i’m never one to step down from a challenge…

…especially a pork-filled cooking one.

at my age i should be watching what i eat. hell, at my waist size i should be watching what i eat. but the kiddo is gone till august 19th, which is exactly two months from my birfmas. since i’ve got some time BEFORE that, i decided to have a little fun and play fast and loose with my digestive system here and there. not sure what the diet plan will be (low carb? low fat? both?) but the PRE-diet plan is enjoy, but in moderation. of course, “moderation” took a sideline when i saw the video that produces this:


the bacon-wrapped grilled cheese. epic. awesome. even better if you follow the directions. i didn’t, so mine came out looking more like this:

bwgc real

this was due to three reasons:

1. i prefer my bacon less burnt, so i didn’t cook it quite as long.
2. i kinda fucked up in wrapping it at first, and had to adjust on the fly.
3. i hate wasting shit, and saw no point in putting two strips of bacon in the fridge, so i just used all twelve versus the ten in the recipe.

still yummy and artery-clogging, just like mother nature intended. see y’all in the emergency room!

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