we don’t serve your kind here, faggot

i did a little reading over lunch today, and before we go any further, have three things to point out…

1. “marriage” pre-dates “christianity” and therefore it’s definition of it
2. jesus was jewish, not christian
3. the founding fathers of this country were not all god-fearing christian folk

if you disagree with any of the above, get an education and get yourself over here where you belong and not on my page where you clearly don’t.

we don’t serve your kind here, faggot.

in this case i use the term “faggot” as i typically do, which means somebody annoying. i haven’t once used it, in my entire life to my recollection, to indicate somebody’s sexual tendencies. in my eyes it’s just a word…a noise you make with your mouth. if you give it any other power, that’s your choice. i’ve never said it out of hate or spite, it’s just been used as sarcastic slang for somebody annoying, regardless of their race or creed or which kind of crotch they like to sniff. and, on the odd occasion, i’ve used it in its true context:

martin faggot

and occasionally you take said bundle of twigs and use it to kindle your bbq, in which case you have a “flaming faggot”. but i digress…

“say what you want about the blacks, they keep it out of the courts…”

so sayeth a high school principal in the cartoon unsupervised, which is true for the most part. a couple of gay cause de joirs have ended up getting all litigious and i don’t know if it’s really needed. both the ufw and i have more than the average share of visible tattoos and piercings. and she has that amazing pink hair. the doubletree hotel on fifteenth street COULD have told us we couldn’t do our wedding on the balcony of their presidential suite just ’cause of how we looked or who they thought might come into their hotel as a result of our nuptials…

…but they didn’t. if they DID we would have said “fuck you” and split…making sure we blew it up on all forms of social media and maybe got a tv station involved. but we wouldn’t need a law to tell them they HAD to let us do it. i remember businesses used to post signs that said “we reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE” – is that no longer legal? two things i find amusing about this latest controversy:

1. the words “religious freedom” and “faith” have become synonymous with “christian”. like you can’t have any other “faith”. this country was fucking FOUNDED on religious freedom. it’s part of the reason pasty-ass white people made the journey here. not because england had outlawed christianity, but rather because they tried to impose it on EVERYBODY and people wanted the freedom to worship as they chose. somehow, that’s gotten lost here…but the christian right would have us return to that two hundred years and some change later…and that is, quite literally, unamerican.

2. adhering to ones beliefs means you must hate the gays. two words – hobby lobby. remember not too long ago they tried to say they couldn’t adhere to new healthcare standards because they didn’t wanna offer birth control or abortions because it violated there faith? this would protect THAT and i don’t see that as bad. look, the hobby lobby folk are what i like to call “unrealistically christian” but at least they don’t do it half-assed. they could just say “sunday: closed” on their store hours but instead it says “closed sundays so our employees can worship and spend time with family”. if you get a job there, you KNOW that’s how they are, so you should KNOW they’re not going to cover the morning after pill when you get shit-faced at a frat party and let half the rugby team have their way with you. it’s like a hindu being upset he has to handle beef ’cause he works at mcdonald’s – you know who you work for, don’t play stupid.

let’s just put this out there: if you don’t like the gays, be straight about it (no pun intended). yeah, you’ll get some hate mail. but the other people that don’t like gays will use YOUR business. is it fair? no. is it right? no. but it is what it is. and at least it’s not closet hatred…it’s fucking OUT hatred. i’m sure by the time most people read this the whole law will be re-written or struck down, and the other twenty states that have shit pending will have backed down for fear all of america will think they’re worse than hitler. but let me ask you this – if the law says people HAVE to allow everybody to do everything except not allow everybody to do everything is that really freedom?

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