if it’s gonna be your gig, do it right

solicitation calls at a tattoo shop fall into two basic categories…

…with the exception of folks trying to buy supplies to tattoo illegally, i mean:

1. we can get your credit card rate so low visa will pay YOU


2. if somebody even belches near their computer you pop up first on google

okay, so these are both a bit over the top, but you get the idea. sometimes they throw you a curve ball and go all old school and shit and actually do a snail mail thing. in this case we got THREE matching postcards, all hand addressed. this didn’t shock me, as it’s common for us to get one for a couple people at the shop or what-not.

but that wasn’t the case here:


before we go further, i’ll pimp one of the shops i work with:

atomic tattoo
2800 south IH 35, suite 108
austin, tx 78704

that’s the correct address. we got three post cards, and i’ll bold out where the addresses were fucked up:

atomic tattoo & body piercing
2800 S IH 35, Ste 108
austin, tx 78145

atomic tattoo & piercing
2800 SIH 35
austin, tx 78704

(shit, i just realized that one was right!)

and finally…

austin tattoo & body piercing
2800 s ih 35 but no suite #
, tx 78731

so two out of three postcards were filled out incorrectly, supposedly by the same wizard staff that would drive business our way via google courtesy of reviewrouter.com. with us having multiple locations, and austin in general being saturated with tattoo shops, getting the info right is paramount to actual reviews MEANING jack fucking squat. and these guys miss two outta three times filling out a damn postcard? losing two outta three ain’t gonna win the playoffs…or our business!

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