will the beat go on?

you gotta love corporate america…

…apparently what i was taught growing up was wrong. i was taught:

if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

but it seems like what they ascribe to is:

if at first you don’t succeed buy the people that did

basically kramer and four other people on the planet got into iTunes radio and the other several billion of us thought is sucked. and still do. a poll on an actual mac forum found that ninety-two percent of the people who subscribed to the service still listen to pandora more often than the apple stuff.

meanwhile the beats by dre app is pretty damn awesome. the ufc turned me on to it, i pay ten bucks a month for it, and i feel it’s totally worth it. but now i guess it’ll be iBeats because the iFolks have dropped a few iBillion for it and the over-priced headphones as well. will we get the best of both worlds? or the worst? i guess time will tell…at least i’m not under a contract so if it sucks ass i can bail whenever i want. we’ll see how long it lasts…or when the change even happens. the plus (and minus) side to corporate shit is it tends to draw out for a while…

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