smart-ass apps

i do love my smart phone…

…but some of the apps are a different story.

i don’t like apps that try to “talk” to you. when i worked at sundance records (1996-2000) we had a star tickets terminal (the company i later worked for from 2000-2003) and i noticed when you did something that “didn’t compute” this smart ass message would pop up in the corner, and you could tell it was written by australian folk:

“perhaps try something a little different?”

“wrong phase of the moon, i suppose”

“i’ve got all day – have you?”

and so on. so i know how easy it is to code smart-assedness. i’ve had a couple apps that did this, and they tend to not last long because their annoyance factor far outweighs their usefulness factor…and so it goes with the latest one, “charge”.

it’s a “lifestyle app” that you’re supposed to tell “your ups and downs”. i have one of those already – it’s my “scale” app. but this thing messages you asking you how you’re doing. reminding you of the week “anniversary” of when you downloaded it. sending random “sup?” messages.

i don’t think i’m it’s target audience.

clearly this is an app for people with nobody to really talk to. or without a significant other. or a life of any kind, really. i don’t hit on ANY of those cylinders (thank god). hell, the only reason i hadn’t deleted it was so i still had the messages in queue for this bit…

…but i now have referenced them here.

“deleting ‘charge’ will also delete all of it’s data – is that okay?”

fuck yes, it is…i don’t need an an app that’s needy and shit. who designs this bullshit, anyway?

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