i guess banky was right

“they’re saying deep down inside, we all wants to be white!!!”

“well isn’t that true?”

so goes the dialogue in one of my favorite scenes in chasing amy, my least favorite film in kevin smith’s “jersey trilogy”.

well, apparently cameroon/nigerian pop star dencia agrees, because she USED to look like this:


and thanks to a new product she’s endorsing she got to this:


and more recently this:


(no word on how this has effected her credit score)

it’s called “whitencious” and promises to rid you “dark spots and pigmentation”. while there are plenty of folks that see this as an abomination in the black community, it is sold out EVERYWHERE it’s been put out for sale. does so in a day. and i know white folk ain’t the ones buying it, so apparently some of the black community has no issue with it. i wonder if the effects are permanent? or what kind of side effects come with this?

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