chinese people hate me

i don’t mean the ones in the states, i mean the native ones…

…or so i would guess.

at this more than half the shit on eBay comes from china. and i don’t just mean it’s “MADE in china” – that would be more like ninety-nine percent. no, i mean it is shipped direct to you from china…be it simple electronics or bootleg designer goods. straight from the people’s republic of our future masters to you. from what i’m told it doesn’t take long – but i think i’ve heard wrong.

one of my co-workers has ordered knock-off rotary tattoo machines (retail $600, chinese version $40) and got them, direct from there, in a week and some change. i ordered a simple set of audio jacks (to wall run my speakers in the den so they look more polished) over a month ago and nada. i emailed a complaint and they told me to check at the post office. seriously? you don’t think the mail comes to our homes here? i decided to “race” my co-worker, as he needed something and didn’t have the paypal funds, so he just gave me cash to order it. i ordered myself something from hong kong (yes, i know they’re not the same country but they’re pretty effin’ close) and mine says it left austin on saturday (still not here) where as the last shipping update on his is somewhere in china.

has anybody else had better luck than me? i seriously feel slighted by the slanted eye folk here. maybe it’s because i call them the “slanted eye folk”?

side note: in the time since this was written (monday morning) and the time this published (wednesday) the speaker things arrived – but the watch band, which somehow made it from china to austin in four days is still MIA after “departing austin” three days ago…at least as of when i’m typing this on ME’s couch on tuesday morning)

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