14.4k (as in seconds, not just a shitty modem connection…)

the topic tonight is four extra hours in austin.

why? because i was told it should be. i’ll play along. i’m game like that. but i wonder what the restrictions are. are there any? is this a science-fiction, “what if” scenario where i need to pretend EVERY day is twenty-eight hours long? where would i add the time? eating? sleeping? working? fucking? okay…anyone who’s even read TWO of my entries knows where the time would go if it were a day-to-day thing…and it WOULDN’T be eating or sleeping. sure as **fuck** wouldn’t be working, either…

(slight clue in that last statement, btw…)

and if my extra two hundred and forty minutes are a one-off, do i have a budget restriction? or a legal one? ’cause if it’s no holds barred, it starts off with me in a hot tub in the middle of the palm harbor spa and portable building outlet center on airport boulevard and i35…there’s me, a slightly high, busty, petite latina girl in a v-string, two naked blonde strippers, the entire waitstaff of the hooter’s on riverside and south first, two cases of crown royal, that fuck machine i saw on a real sex re-run a couple of weeks ago on hbo west, a tub of dryer’s limited edition samoan ice cream (yes, named after the girl scout cookie), a set of craftsman brand jumper cables, a calk gun, a video crew complete with three point lighting set up and digital recording capability (with full streaming capabilities so y’all can play along at home), this really hot massage therapist i know that used to dance at sugar’s, a purple marbleized jack hammer jesus, and a wheel barrow. now stay with me on this next part, ’cause this is where it gets a little weird…

(just kidding)

no, if i had an extra four hours to kill in austin, with a modest budget to blow, i would rent a really nice convertible, like an s2000 or a z4, get a certain someone to commute in to town for the day, and just go for a nice drive…up ben white, out through the “y” in oak hill, and on out to bee caves. hang a right at 620, and head to the oasis. watch the sun over the lake as we did appetizers and drinks, then head off down 620 to 2222 to mopac and on down to barton springs for italian dinner at romeo’s and finish it off with a nice desert and coffee on the back porch of mozart’s while we watch the ducks play on the lake and just sit and smoke and enjoy the night as it engulfed us…check into thaat gren hotel on congress who’s name escapes me (but it’s right next to joe’s), park the ride, and call it a night. breakfast tacos the next day at guerro’s, of course. sue me, you caught me on a whimsical moment, and in such moods, i’m pretty easily satisfied. if you have the right company, it’s always fun…and the simple things become the best. if it has to be JUST ME, let’s go back to that second paragraph and start this all over…

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