press “one” for “what the fuck?”

in hindsight, i should have known something was odd…

…not that i’m all popular and shit, but i hadn’t gotten any new voice mails in a few weeks.

i was okay with this.

but today i woke (the third time) to several panicky texts from ME – seems that in the decade she’s known me my voice mail’s never been “full”, and now it was, which made her wonder (as she hadn’t heard from me in a while) if something had happened to me. as i’ve mentioned before, i could die and it would probably be a few days before anybody found out, save for this new “ufc era”. she’d notice. she’d pop by to see what was up. but before her? yeah, i could be rotting for days before anybody headed over and noticed…

…wonder if budnik would eat me in the interim? you never know. he could be a reincarnated soccer player from that wreck!

shane had reached out to me week or so ago and asked what was up with my voice mail, as it wasn’t my voice anymore. i figured it was a recording of “you have reached 512…” or something; worst case scenario, i know when i call my dad (and a few other people with new phones) i get a recording that says something to the effect of “the person you have called has a voice mail box that is not set up yet, please try again later”. i figured maybe it was that, which would be awesome. truth be told most of my voice mail is bill collectors, and if i don’t hear from them that is a-okay with me.

so to hear my voice mail was “full” made no sense to me – how could it be “full” if i had zero notice that i even had any messages? well, it was. set up my voice mail today only to get three notices – that “voice mail is now set up”, followed by “40 new messages”, followed by “your voice mailbox is full and messages must be deleted for it to be operational”.

shit, i almost left it full.

i cleared it all out, but i DID leave it with the “default message” for now. will do something fun later, i’m sure, but for now that will do. fuck it – over twenty of those were just bill collector shit anyway…

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